How to produce its own electricity?

You have to install solar panels as they produce electricity.

In fact, the irradiation of light by “excitation” of the photon particles contained in the silica of the panels creates energy. It is driven to a crossing point before transformation into alternative electricity by an inverter.
Panel orientation and inclination are also important for production.
Actually, solar modules can be installed over the roofing, integrated in it, or on the floor. Therefore, solar panels disposition is a critical factor.
Electricity production implies money savings and consequently a solar installation can quicly become profitable.
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Adaptation to the central power capacity
The solar generator installed must be adapt to your kilowatts-hour consumption.
Given the sun exposition variation for every months, your consumption and production will often not be equal. 
Excess production, even sold to EDF, is less interesting than autoconsumption.
A saved kWh, correspond to 17 to 20 eurocents earned… While EDF will buy a kWh produced in excess only 10 eurocents. Two times less.

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