Solar panel installation

Solar panel installation is the easiest and profitable way to produce energy.

The most important parameter for an optimised installation is the daylight intensity, that allows electricity production. Hot temperatures is not important.

Capital énergies proposes a solar panel installation, european fabrication only, with 25 years of production warranty

Autoconsumption permits electricity production to control your energy expenses.

Solar sector products are designed to be recyclable. Equipments are sustainable and responsibly conceived. You are garanteed, upon installation, that your obsolete solar equipments will be collected by PV CYCLE.

Administrative procedures are required before installation. State, region, or cities for specified projects requests,  or aid agencies as CEE, Consuel or ANAH…

CAPITAL ENERGIES handles these complex required procedures for you.

Installation de panneaux solaires photovoltaiques
Installation de panneaux solaires photovoltaiques



We propose several types of solar panel (documents below) :


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Une question ? Vous voulez un devis d'une installation ? Nous vous l'offrons !

Demandez à être rappelé

Une question ? Vous voulez un devis d’une installation ? Nous vous l’offrons !