air-to-air heatpump

If you want heat during winter and cold during summer while reducing your energy bill, air-to-ar heat pump is THE solution.

Indeed, air-to-air heat pump, also called reversible air-conditionning, uses calories from the air, a free energy, to be efficient and reduce the cost of your house’s heating system. In refresh cycle it will of course be the opposite.

Another significant advantage: for the installation no need of special permission. The air-to-air heat pump is usable for any kind of building: new, old, individual… For installation, only requirment is a small garden or a courtyard to install the exterior unit, and space inside to install interior units. As for the fan-coils units, they just need to be install above doors in the rooms needing heating.

This heat pump will allow you to divide by 3 your heating bill. These savings make the air-to-air heat pump a cost-effective system in just a few years.

Eligible for the Energy 2020 bonus.


Air-to-water heat pump

The air-to-water heat pump is the most common heat pump system in France, and for a reason!

Actually, its the cheaper heat pump kind. Its installation is easy and you have the possibility to add domestic hot water.

Its operation is easy: an exterior unit recovers the calories from the exterior air to inject them into your house central heating and hot water circuit, via indoor units.

The only requirments of this system installation: 

  • A garden, a courtyard or a front wall to install the exterior unit.
  • A central heating circuit to connect your interior unit.

By choosing this heat pump system you can make up to 1000€ of savings on your bills each year. Moreover, its service life is significant, almost 17 years of tranquility.

The air-to-water heat pump is eligible to MaprimeRénov 2020 or tax credit 2020 but also Energy saving bonus 2020.

Pellet stove

You need an efficient and autonomous stove which can on demand switch on and off? We have the solution… The pellet stove is the equipment you need!

There are many advantages to choose the installation of a wood-pellet stoves at home.

First, they are exceptionally efficient and ecological. Furthermore, in practical they does not require a huge maintenance and they offer numerous setting possibilities as temperature regulation, hot air ventilation or self-feeding system.

Pellet stove is an autonomous wood heating system, no need of central heating connexion to work. It is supplied by wood-pellets.  

This heating solution is financially advantageous: in opposition to gas or electricity, no subscription needed and this combustible is among the cheaper on the market.

France offers numerous financial aid to support the replacement of obsolete wood stoves or fireplaces.

Chauffage, le poêle à pellêt
chauffage thermodynamique

Thermodynamic balloon

Thermodynamic balloon, also called thermodynamic cumulus, is a cumulus equiped with a heat pump. Water is heated via calories from the air. You can make up to 70% of savings on your bills thanks to this system. Compare to a classical electric boiler, the energy consumption is 3 times lower.

A 300 liters cumulus consumes 3000W/h,  while a thermodynamic ballon does not exceed 600W/h!

It uses calories from ambiant air (heat released by electronics device, dryer…) and uses them as a heating source for domestic hot water.

Finally, last advantage: in a garage or a cold room, it dehumidifies the ambient air and tempers it.

Thermodynamic balloon is eligible to tax credits and various bonuses (Effy bonus, MaPrimeRénov’ and aids from Anah).

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